As pandemic eases, partner with change

17 minutes

•  Now is not the time to fight change says expert

•  “Over time, with practice, we accrue what I call resilience wisdom”

(Total Recorded Time is 21:42)

Few single events have impacted life as much as the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the amount of permanent change it has created is yet to be seen, one thing seems certain: Change is upon us and woe to those who fight it.

Sarah Stebbins, an adjunct faculty member of Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education and who has worked with companies and organizations as a change management consultant for more than 25 years, says that instead of fighting change individuals will find that the answers lie within.

“Over time, with practice, we accrue what I call resilience wisdom, and it's that wisdom that we tap into as life throws new challenges our way,” she says.

Ms. Stebbins explains her thoughts in depth in this Bizgnus Podcast.

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Ms. Stebbins has also put her thoughts into a new book, “From Fire to Water: Moving Through Change: Six Elements for Personal Resiliency,” (Raging River Press, March 2021).

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