California has solved the homeless problem. Maybe

14 minutes

•  Action plan is adopted with two-year deadline

•  “We know the challenges are daunting”

Total recorded time is 13:40

With more than one out of every four homeless people in the nation calling the streets and underpasses in California “home,” the state may at last be onto a multi-pronged solution.

The California Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council has adopted an “action plan” that it believes will prevent and even end homelessness in the state.

Over the next two years the action plan is to coordinate state, local and private efforts to solve the seemingly unsolvable problem.

“In approving this action plan, the council has explicitly committed to the work it will accomplish and expressed its clear intention to deliver on the opportunities we have, right now, to build toward an equitable future,” says Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency Deputy Secretary for Homelessness Ali Sutton. “We know the challenges are daunting, but we will be better prepared to face them in partnership with our state and local colleagues, private collaborators and people who have expertise because of their own experiences of homelessness.”

Ali Sutton explains the scope of the problem of homelessness in California and how the action plan will address it in this exclusive Bizgnus Podcast:

Please click here to watch the interview:

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