Here’s how to boost your sales

14 minutes

•  Sales expert finds the 100 most critical sales skills

•  “Six key themes emerged”

(Total Recorded Time is 16:48)

You might call him the “Readers Digest” for that aisle of books about being a better salesperson.

Alex Dripchak, who began his sales career at Oracle, where he was the first person ever to be a sales manager and outside producer by the age of 25, has poured through dozens of the best-selling books about sales and digested the 100 most critical skills to succeed into his own book.

“Six key themes emerged,” says Mr. Dripchak.  “Those were mind set and strategy, presentation, meeting effectiveness, your internal development, your ability to help your team by keeping them informed and included in the process and then negotiation and persuasion.”

Alex Dripchak talks about some of his best discoveries as well as what has made him a top salesman in this Bizgnus Interview.

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Today, Mr. Dripchak is a senior adviser at Mercer, a global HR consulting firm and is also co-founder of Commence, a careers academy for college students.

His new book is “100 Skills of the Successful Sales Professional, (Business Expert Press, June 2021).

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