It’s time to rethink how you engage with your people

15 minutes

•  As nation emerges from COVID, leaders face new challenges to keep employees motivated

•  “You’ve got to get in the game”

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In addition to its tragic death toll, the COVID pandemic has prompted unprecedented business change from reinvented business models to reliance on a virtual business environment.

What’s next? It will be the urgent need to reengage with employees, says Pamela Hackett, global CEO of the international consultancy Proudfoot.

“At the end of the day, we’re social creatures and we really need to connect,” she says.

Whether a for-profit business or a nonprofit organization, this need for reconnection in the workplace is here, she says.

“You’ve got to get in the game. You’ve got to connect with your people. And the way to do it best is to put that routine, that rhythm, into your day,” she says.

Ms. Hackett says connecting with staff must be more than pro forma. “In the old days, you really weren’t meant to get into the ‘touchy-feely’ stuff, but today you really do have to ask how people are actually doing.”

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Ms. Hackett has advised, led, and supported people through major change within some of the world's most prominent companies and brands throughout her 35 years in management consulting. She is the, a pioneer of “boots on the ground” consulting that’s been in the game for eight decades.

She is the author of the new book, “Manage to Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results,” Wiley; 1st edition (April 6, 2021).

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