Manager? Or leader? How to close the gap as the pandemic eases

16 minutes

•  It often boils down to how you look at your staff

•  Curiosity about staff can be transformative for a business

(Total recorded time is 19:17)

The ratio of work on business problems to the development of staff can be out of whack, says leadership and executive coach Lisa Koss, co-founder and a partner at the consulting firm Ontos Global of Berkeley.

“We need to be doing more than just solving problem … and instead transform a business issue into development of people,” says Ms. Koss.

“When you look at for-profit business, it tends to be all about … the business results, and not as much focused on how being curious about what people are bringing,” she says.

That curiosity can be transformative, both for a business and its employees, she says.

As the business world emerges slowly from the COVID-19 pandemic, recognizing psychological realities and dynamics is critical to bringing teams together, she says.

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