Taking control of your caree

20 minutes

•  Expert says better outcomes happen when workers take control of their careers

•  “Intrinsic motivation replaces any external consequences”

(Total Recorded Time is 27:17)

Keep your hands to yourself!  That might be one of the first commands for

“self-management” that a child hears.  But self-management is much more

than that, especially when it comes to careers.

“Self-management is the ability and the will to act in the best interest of the organization in such a way that intrinsic motivation replaces any external consequences imposed to reward or punish performance,” says Michael Colburn, who has taught management courses at Ohio State and Ashland University among other universities.

He says by using five key tools, a person can take a more entrepreneurial approach to their job and career, resulting in a better, more rewarding job with high job performance and influence.

Michael Colburn joins us with more in this Bizgnus Interview podcast.

Please click here to watch the interview: https://youtu.be/9yZPxwJusr8

Mr. Colburn’s latest book is “Own Your Job:  Five Tools for Self-Management and Accountability in the Workplace,” EFG Press (July 2019).

Mr. Colburn recently retired as an associate professor from Ashland University where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in organization development, operations management, strategic management and self-management and accountability. He received his doctorate from Ohio State University. His doctoral dissertation on the education of the engineer challenged the traditional view of teaching and grading to a more self-directed and accountable role of the student in collaboration with their professors.

For more information:  https://www.michaelcolburnphd.com/



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