The art of making peace with your money

16 minutes

•  Ken Honda explains how angry money is holding you back

•  “You can free yourself financially and also emotionally”

Total Recorded Time is 15:30

Is money money?  Not to Ken Honda, a best-selling author in Japan who is taking his ideas worldwide.

He says there’s such a thing as angry money and happy money. Even though you can’t see the smile of the money physically, Mr. Honda says you can pretty much guess if it is smiling or not.

“You can free yourself financially and also emotionally by finding and creating that flow of happy money,” he says. “It doesn’t matter how much you make and how much you have – it’s about your attitude.”

The guru of “happy money,” Ken Honda, joins us for this Bizgnus podcast.

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Start listening to Manager? Or leader? How to close the gap as the pandemic eases
Start listening to Manager? Or leader? How to close the gap as the pandemic eases