The Bizgnus Podcast: Sean Ryan

22 minutes

•  Veteran leadership consu,tant boils success down to seven key gears

•  “Seventy-five to ninety per-cent of organizations fall short of achieving the results they expect from their strategies”

(Total Recorded Time is 21:00)

The world may finally be seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the very long COVID tunnel. But before emerging from that tunnel, many businesses might want to re-think their strategies.

Author and veteran business consultant Sean Ryan says it might be a good idea to burn those tedious strategies because not enough attention is being devoted to helping staff at every level to understand and implement the strategy.

“The core purpose of ‘strategy’ is to energize and align people in an organization to propel it forward and help it succeed.,” Mr. Ryan writes in his new book, “Get in Gear: The Seven Gears that Drive Strategy to Results,” (Routledge/Productivity Press, August 2020).

A successful strategy should both guide and enable people to execute effectively at every level,” he continues. “Unfortunately, organizations far too often do a poor job of translating that energy into the results they want or expect. Seventy-five to ninety per-cent of organizations fall short of achieving the results they expect from their strategies.”

Sean Ryan talks about getting better outcomes and ways to improve leadership in this Bizgnus podcast.

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