The Bizgnus Podcast: The Rise of the Introverts

18 minutes

•  Expert Jennifer Kahnweiler says it’s time organizations were introvert-friendly

•  “You’ll get so much more out of your team if you play to their preferences”

(Total recorded time is 17:22)

Chances are, whether yours is a for-profit company or a non-profit, you are overlooking a lot of existing talent.

They are the introverts.  And they are rising, albeit slowly.

It’s estimated that introverts represent nearly half of the U.S. workforce. Yet extroverts get the rewards.

Leaders need to recognize that when the needs of introverts are ignored, they become disengaged or jump ship to new organizations, taking their talent and contributions with them, says Jennifer Kahnweiler, who received her doctorate from Florida State University and who has spent more than a decade studying and writing about introverts, including four books on the subject.

“Particularly now, it’s really important to spend that extra time to get to know our people, not just in terms of the skills they bring to the table and their experience, but just as important … how do they communicate best,” says Ms. Kahnweiler.

“You’ll get so much more out of your team if you play to their preferences,” she says.

Jennifer Kahnweiler outlines the problem of overlooking the talents of introverts and what leaders can do about it in this exclusive Bizgnus Podcast.

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