The CVBT Audio Interview Podcast: Amy Posey, extreme adventurer

20 minutes

• What leaders can learn from top adventurers

• “The end result if you can work through that conflict and communicate effectively is you get better product”T

Total recorded time is 24:20

You don’t have to scale the face of Half Dome with only your bare hands and toes to be a successful business leader, but it might help as not plunging 4,800 feet to the valley floor might gain you admission to the smallish club of true extreme adventurers.

Extreme adventurers have the ability to see obstacles -- and setbacks -- and think differently than others to overcome the challenges, say Amy Posey and Kevin Vallely in their new book, “Wild Success: 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventures,” (McGraw Hill, March 10, 2020).

Ms. Posey says that as managers take off a sort of “managerial veneer” and become more open to their staffs, it makes the organization “a more welcoming place to work, it reduces the fear that people sometimes have when they want to contribute to a conversation but aren’t sure, it reduces imposter syndrome.”

She says while teamwork is still the norm, leaders should not fear encouraging diversity of thought.

“What happens when you get people with diverse interests and backgrounds and variety, you may have more conflict because these different perspectives coming to the table, but the end result if you can work through that conflict and communicate effectively is you get better product,” Ms. Posey says.

Amy Posey talks about leading like an extreme adventurer in this CVBT Audio Interview Podcast via Skype.

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