The CVBT Audio Interview Podcast: Karen Sullivan

19 minutes

•  Fourth-generation entrepreneur offers marketing tips for small business and insight on how COVID-19 will change marketing

•  “If you’re going to own a business, especially today, you’ve got to be a marketing superhero”

TRT (Total Recorded Time) is 18:42

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After a quarter century of running her own business, fourth-generation entrepreneur Karen Sullivan has seen marketing evolve through one phase after another. From that, she says, it’s the tried and true that still works in the 21st Century.

Times have changed.  Techniques have changed.  Media have waxed and waned. But one thing remains true about marketing: It has to help sell something.

“You’ve got to make somebody want it and you’ve got to get them in the door,” she says. “Once you get them in the door, it becomes sales.”

Ms. Sullivan says she has developed a concept of marketing superhero personas that explore the pros and the cons of owners who try to do it all.  “We feel that if you’re going to own a business, especially today, you’ve got to be a marketing superhero,” she says.

Karen Sullivan talks about marketing, the superheroes she sees and the “kryptonite” that weakens so many in this CVBT Audio Interview Podcast.  Please click here to listen:

“I have always done marketing,” says Ms. Sullivan, who grew up in a family-owned business.  “Literally started out in grade school.”

Sullivan Solutions works exclusively with privately held small and medium businesses. “The same principles apply regardless of the audience you’re going for. You’ve got to know who you’re selling to, know what the benefits are to them so that you could speak directly into that,” she says.

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