The CVBT Audio Interview Podcast: Mark McKee

12 minutes

• How businesses are pivoting to get ready for a post-COVID world

• “What do you manage to? That’s the hardest determination at this point”

(Total Recorded Time 11:38)

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With some states “re-opening” after weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns, business is trying to see how much they will have to pivot to meet new opportunities, says Mark McKee, president and chief operating officer of the online payroll and back office services company OnPay.

“As people have started to understand more of what we’re up against and maybe how long it will take, they talk about how do we now pivot our businesses to be online … or having a physical presence in a safe way,” Mr. McKee says.

Mark McKee talks about what he’s hearing about business post-COVID in this CVBT Audio Interview Podcast.

Mr. McKee says the new federal stimulus programs, while initially confusing to many, offer some lifelines to stay liquid.

“I think the best tool for most businesses is to utilize the PPP (paycheck protection program) although they’ve just run out of the second round of funding for that,” Mr. McKee says. “That seems to be the cleanest and easiest way for most to get short-term liquidity on the book and potentially some of that forgiven.”

In the podcast, he offers other ways to tap the federal funds along with what he’s hearing from businesses across the nation about the future.

“What do you manage to? That’s the hardest determination at this point,” he says. “What is the end point we’re all managing for?”

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