The CVBT Audio Interview Podcast: Mr. Biz

16 minutes

• Why Ken Wentworth calls himself a “fractional CEO”

• “It’s hard to have that strategic vision when you’re always ‘putting out fires’”

(Total Recorded Time is 18:20)

Recorded March 10, 2020

Somewhat like Superman, mild-mannered Ken Wentworth has an alter ego: Mr. Biz.

It’s his trade name for his real-life vocation of consulting business leaders to help them make their companies more successful.

“It’s hard to have that strategic vision when you’re always ‘putting out fires’ and running your business,” Mr. Wentworth says.

That’s where he and his team step in, he says. Mr. Wentworth, who spent 20 years in the corporate world, is now a “fractional CEO,” in which he works as a consultant to build specific skills a company’s CEO needs to build his company

Mr. Wentworth talks about some of the problems he’s helped CEOs deal with in this CVBT Audio Interview Podcast, via Skype.

“Two common problems that I see,” he says are “cash flow Number One … [and] hiring good people.”

In the podcast, Mr. Wentworth offers a surprising trick to helping sort out the good from the bad when it comes to hiring. The listener should note that the interview was recorded prior to the COVID-19 lockdown orders.

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