The CVBT Audio Interview Podcast: Paul Powers

32 minutes

• Software startup entrepreneur is taking machine learning to new levels

• “We realized there was a lot more opportunity than we’d initially thought of”

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Fulton had this problem with his first steamboats. The Wright brothers probably faced many of the same issues. All, and others before and since, invesnted something that seemed to solve a major problem but how to build a business out of such an idea.

Paul Powers, chief executive officer of software company Physna LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, is following in those footsteps by taking machine learning to new levels.

Mr. Powers’ company makes software that, simply put, converts 3D images into smaller geometric units that then can be readily compared to similar objects. In one example of what that means, a parts designer could use the Physna software to see if the piece being designed can actually fit into a larger part.

And don’t call it CAD – computer aided design. Mr. Powers says the CAD industry remains stuck where it was 30 years ago. “CAD technology never left that 1980s state,” he says. This is 21st Century machine learning that he says could bring a revolution to the world’s economy on the scale of the internet.

“We realized there was a lot more opportunity than we’d initially thought of,” he says. “We did think of the solution but we didn’t realize that we were solving more problems than we knew.”

But while that sounds like tapping a gold mine, he says it can cause problems for a startup, as he explains in this CVBT Audio Interview Podcast:

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Start listening to Warning! Recession ahead, warns economist
Start listening to Warning! Recession ahead, warns economist