The magic ingredient to social media marketing: Humor

22 minutes

•  Done right, it can grab attention and cement your message in the mind

•  “We connect with those businesses that take risks and laugh at themselves”

(Total Recorded Time is 25:58)

Is your marketing a joke?  Seriously, adding humor to marketing may improve it, say the marketing mavens of humorous cat litter and other things, Shelby Dash and Kristina Clifford.

The owners of Take2Content in Los Angeles, are using humor to help clients find and retain customers on social media.

For the cat litter advertiser, the pair “decided to tackle the ‘cat lady’ stigma head on, by positioning our spokesperson as the complete opposite: a cat goddess.”

The product, Pretty Litter, is a silica-based litter that changes colors based on what’s in a cat’s urine. The colors can offer early signs of health problems.

“Pretty Litter gave us the flexibility to have full creative freedom (and a little too much fun) with this video,” say the commercial’s creators.  “We handled every element of video production from ideation to final edit.”

Shelby Dash and Kristina Clifford joins us for this Bizgnus Interview Podcast to talk a bit about littler and a lot about marketing with humor.

Please click here to watch the Bizgnus podcast, including a portion of the Pretty Litter spot:

“We connect with those businesses that take risks and laugh at themselves,” says Ms. Clifford. “That’s a good quality to have in a business.”

In the podcast Ms. Dash and Ms. Clifford also offer five ideas on how to create a successful social media ad campaign.

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