The Muffin Man found the real money in the dough

15 minutes

  How Steve Marks helped build his small muffin shop into a big business

•  “My dream and passion has always been to own my own business”

(Total Recorded Time is 20:52)

In the next minute or so, someone will have started a small business somewhere in the United States, adding to the well over 600-thousand new businesses opening up this year.  But how many fail?

One out of five.  And by the end of the second year, it’s roughly one out of three.

But for the Muffin Man of Akron, Ohio, failure wasn’t in the recipe.

Steve Marks and his childhood and college buddy started a muffin shop in what was then a decaying part of downtown Akron.

“My dream and passion has always been to own my own business,” he says. “As a kid I mowed lawns, had a lemonade stand, washed cars.”

The muffin shop grew out of putting in the winning bid on a derelict building in downtown Akron.

Very quickly they saw how to move that small business off Main Street, onto the road to big-time success.  And not as a muffin shop.

He details his path to success in this Bizgnus video interview:

Mr. Marks, who is a two-time winner of the Small Business Person of the Year award from the United Small Business Administration, has written a recipe for success in his new book on entrepreneurship, “The Muffin Man Chronicles.”

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