The Zen of successful negotiations

18 minutes

•  Why you have to get out of your own head

•  “I’ve got some good lessons about what I bring from swimming”

(Total Recorded Time is 23:13)

Successful negotiation – where there’s a balancing of needs – can be reached easier if those involved bring mindfulness to the negotiation table, says Matthew Moseley, a communication strategist, author and speaker.

He says that while active listening is a key skill for successful negotiation, doing it effectively requires getting out of your own head and developing empathy.

This is something he honed while setting three world records for long-distance swimming.  “I’ve got some good lessons about what I bring from swimming and adventure swimming to the meeting table,” Mr. Moseley says.

He joins us for this Bizgnus podcast.

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Mr. Moseley is principal and CEO of Ignition Strategy Group, which specializes in high-stakes communications and issue management for organizations that have included American Rivers, Xcel Energy, the AFL-CIO, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. He served as communications director for the Colorado Senate and press officer for the United States Olympic Committee at the 2004 games.

His books include “Dear Mr. Thompson: Felony Murder, Hunter Thompson, and the Last Gonzo Campaign,” which is about his successful effort, with the late journalist Hunter Thompson, to free Lisl Auman from a life sentence for felony murder.

His newest book is “Ignition: Superior Communication Strategies for Making Stronger Connections,” (Routledge/Taylor & Francis; May 2021.)

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