Trust your instincts, find your power, and tell your story

21 minutes

•  We are entering a new era where people count as much as numbers

•  “Women’s true stories … define power as the ability to nurture and protect, as well as the ability to control or dominate”

(Total Recorded Time is 27:00)

Leaders, whether in business or politics, should trust their instincts, tell their stories, and benefit the common good says Annette Simmons, a leadership consultant and author.

But the current climate of divisiveness is working against collaborative approaches to problem solving she says.

“In a highly competitive political environment, listening to someone looks like you’re willing to be a loser – you’re betraying your tribe,” Ms. Simmons says. “In the 20th Century, that worked fine because we didn’t have all these algorithms more narrowly defining win-lose.”

That “win-lose” equation tends to be nurtured by men, not women, Ms. Simmons says.g

Women often see things in a moral context —a vital balance to the competitive systems that tend to drive too many decisions, she says.

Annette Simmons talks about her research and the solutions it offers to divisiveness in this Bizgnus Interview podcast.

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“Instead of trying to convince somebody you’re right, what better way than to go and ask people what their story is and learn some more and find our you’re all right,” she says.

Ms. Simmons is author of four books, including The Story Factor, listed in The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. She got her business degree from Louisiana State University, spent ten years in Australia in international business, got an M.Ed. from North Carolina State University (1994), and founded Group Process Consulting in 1996.

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