Using improv to reach success

18 minutes

•  From stand-up to outstanding – with a lot of work

•  “It is a leadership tool”

(Total Recorded Time is 23:44)

It takes a lot of practice to do improv, whether on stage as an entertainer or in front of your staff as the organization’s leader, says Peter Margaritis, a CPA who calls himself the “Accidental Accountant” and who has been doing something other than crunching numbers for years.

Not overly in love with accounting, Mr. Margaritis tried standup comedy in the late 1980s. Since he’s not seen cracking jokes on late night TV, it may be apparent the spotlight failed to find him.

But that attempt to make people laugh opened a new door for him as a leadership coach, speaker and author.

“Improv … is about the ability to take our knowledge and experiences and bring it into any situation,” says Mr. Margaritis.  “It is a leadership tool.”

Peter Margaritis talks about improving your impro in this Bizgnis Interview podcast.  Please click here to watch the interview:

His newest book is “Off Script: Mastering the Art of Business Improvisation,” (Silver Tree Publishing, November 2021).

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