Your business needs a good campfire story

14 minutes

•  How fables can bolster a business

•  “I’d like to tell you that I had a master plan to be a best selling author”

(Total Recorded Time is 19:15)

Once upon a time there was a business.  And after that sentence, the fable about your business can grow to have a happy ending or a tragic one.

When it comes to business fables, Michael Levin has written a lot of them. He stresses that these are stories, not fabrications.

He joins us for this Bizgnus Podcast to talk about the power of the business fable… and he’s not talking about dragons or giants at the other end of the beanstalk.

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Mr. Levin says that in his 34-year career he has written or ghostwritten more than 700 books, 19 of which were best sellers.

That tsunami of writing came after Mr. Levin tried, and quickly disliked, a career in law.  But success as a writer was not guaranteed.

“I’d like to tell you that I had a master plan to be a best-selling author,” he says in his brief bio on his website.

He says it doesn’t matter if your book is a best seller or sells just a single copy, as long as that sale is to the right person and the book tells the right fables.

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